2018 Winners

One of our recipients is after my own heart as she has caught the passion for teaching ~ and enjoys those students who may be, shall we say, a little challenging!  And if that doesn’t get you, she also loves to bake! Ms. Samaah Wahid.


Another recipient has a heart for her community.  She not only wants to educate them on important social issues, but also give back through her gift of medicine.  Ms. O-la-Day Ashiru.


Our third recipient is destined to be a traveling nurse!  She has already started her experience through missions work in and out of the country while always putting an artsy personal touch on those she comes into contact with.  Ms. Megan O’Neal


Our fourth recipient manages to stay involved in band, chorus, Student Council, other clubs, plays multiple sports all the while helping out at home with family.  Her experiences with the medical field have inspired her to explore a medical career as well as continues to build her character. Ms. Sonali Shah.


And finally, our last recipient.  He dazzled the committee from the beginning!  His work ethic, positive attitude, and motto of “If it doesn’t work, move on”, immediately helped us know without a doubt that he would aspire to great things, no matter where life takes him!  Mr. Dimetri Giafes. 

Scholarship Awardees Table at Reunion Banquet

Scholarship Winners at Senior Night